Katy Shuttle Only Service

Katy Shuttle Only Service

Shuttle Service - Luggage Shuttle - Bike Rental

7 days a week April - October

If you do not want a tour but only need a shuttle to the start your tour, we can provide this service.  We also can provide luggage shuttle and bike rentals.

You will park in St. Charles and then be picked up at 8:00am to be shuttled to the start of your tour.  We will shuttle you, your bike and bags to the beginning town.  You will then ride on the trail back to your car in St. Charles.  If you need your luggage shuttled to each hotel or bike rentals, we offer those services as well.

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Katy Shuttle Only Service

St. Charles

1 day

Katy Shuttle Only Service

Providing shuttle from St. Charles to the starting city on the Katy Trail - 7 Days a week April - October

Shuttle - Luggage - Bike Rentals

Shuttle from St Charles 8:00am

Per Person/Bike
  To Clinton
 $      120
  To Sedalia
 $      100
  To Boonville
 $        80
  To Rocheport
 $        80
  To Jefferson City
 $        80
  To Mokane/Portland
 $        75

Luggage Shuttle
1 Medium bag Per day  $        35

Bike Rental

 Daily  Weekly 
 Hybrid $          75 $      300
Gravel $          90 $      400
 E-Bike $        110 $      525
 $        55
 * rentals include helmet, tube and tools