Katy Trail Self Guided Tours

Ride the nation’s longest Rail-to-Trail and let Crossroads Bike Tours do the planning. This crushed limestone trail takes you across Missouri from farm fields to river towns to wine country and ends in Historic St. Charles.

All tours travel West to East, check out our videos below on why this is the best direction. We meet our guests in St. Charles at 8:00am, where you are 15 minutes from St. Louis Airport (STL). We then shuttle you to your starting destination where you begin your ride.

Where Should I Start?

If you are driving from the West, you may prefer to park your car and start in Clinton. This will save you over 7 hours of driving. Let us know you want to park in Clinton and we will adjust the tour accordingly. You will need to purchase an "Extra" "hotel after your tour" to spend the night in St. Charles and then the next day catch the 8:00am shuttle to Clinton. You can also purchase and “extra” room for you in Clinton the day before the tour.


We utilize the best local hotels and B&B's to ensure you have an awesome experience. Our lodging is on the trail or a short ride along dedicated paths or wide road shoulders (Jefferson City and Hermann). All tours are available April through October for individuals to large groups. Late June through August can be hot on the trail, so plan to ride in the early mornings.

What’s Included?

First class hotels and B&B’s

Shuttle from St. Charles to the start of the tour

Breakfast at all hotels

GPS mapping

App for tour information and route highlights

Katy Trail themed T-shirt and patch

Extra Services

Luggage shuttle from each accommodation

Bike rental options; Hybrid, Gravel or E-bikes

Added night lodging in St. Charles or Clinton

If our dates don't meet your schedule then call our office 314-656-6229 or send an INQUIRY for dates that work for you.

Start to Finish - 7 Day Self Guided

St Charles

6 nights

Start to Finish - 7 Day Self Guided

Ride from CLINTON TO ST. CHARLES, MO in 7 days - reduced daily miles - 35 miles/day average



St Charles

5 nights

Start to Finish - 6 Day Self Guided - MOST POPULAR

Self-guided ride from CLINTON TO ST. CHARLES, MO in 6 days


Start to Finish - 5-Day Self Guided  (4-Day Tour Option Available) - Experienced Riders

St. Charles, MO

4 nights

Start to Finish - 5 Day Self Guided - Long Riding Days

Self-guided ride from CLINTON TO ST. CHARLES in 5 days - 4 nights (4 day option available)- For Experienced Riders Only



St. Charles, MO

4 nights

Depot to Depot - 5 days Self Guided

Self-guided ride from SEDALIA TO ST. CHARLES, MO in 5 days



St. Charles, MO

3 nights

River and Bluffs - 4 day Self Guided

Self-guided ride from ROCHEPORT TO ST. CHARLES in 4 days - 3 nights


CAPITAL TO CAPITAL - 3 Day Self Guided

St. Charles, MO

2 nights

Capital to Capital - 3 Days Self Guided

Self-guided ride from JEFFERSON CITY (Or Mokane or Portland) TO ST. CHARLES in 3 days


WINE COUNTRY - 2 Day Self Guided

St. Charles, MO

1 night

Wine Country - 2 days Self Guided

Self-guided ride from HERMANN (MCKITTRICK) TO ST. CHARLES, MO in 2 days


Self-Guided Tours Pricing 2024

Katy Self-guided Tours Pricing

Extras for your Tour

Your self-guided tour includes your lodging, breakfast, transportation to the trailhead, GPS Maps, Trail highlights in app, t-shirt, and patch.   

You might consider these extras for your tour

Luggage Shuttle

Luggage Shuttle

Your luggage will be transported to each lodging location while you ride the trail and delivered by 3-4:00pm.  No need to carry your luggage on your bikes, let us do the work for you.  $35/day/bag (medium luggage size).  On last day of trip your bags will be in St. Charles around 1:30pm for your planning purposes.

Bike Rentals

Bike Rentals

Need a bike rental for the trail?  We have hybrid bikes for $75/day, gravel bikes for $80/day and e-bikes for $100/day - Weekly reduced rates available. Consider an E-bike if you ride less than 200 miles a month or cannot maintain a 10-12 mile pace.  E-bikes turn the trail ride from a frown to a smile.  Helmet, lock, tube, tools pump and small bag included.

Extra Hotel night

Extra Hotel night

Do you need a hotel the night before the ride or the night you end the tour?  Hotel in St. Charles right on the trail for $190/night.    

We pick up at 8:00am on the first day of the tour and you should arrive back to St. Charles around 12-1:00pm on the last day of the tour for your planning purposes.

We also have rooms in Clinton if you are driving from the West.

Self-Guided tours and why we ride West to East

Watch our self guided tour video of what the Katy has to offer.  Then see why we like to ride West to East on the Katy trail.


Katy Trail Elevation Chart

Below are the elevations (altitudes) for towns along the Katy Trail. As you can see, there is some variation in the western section, and then a gradual decline heading eastward from Boonville where the trail runs alongside the Missouri River. Thanks to Gary Irwin for providing this chart.



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